7 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Travelling

7 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Travelling

I adore travelling. Getting lost – both figuratively and literally – is part of what helps me stay grounded.

Travelling broadens one’s horizon, they say. To broaden one’s horizon, though, one is to be challenged first.

Be an adventurer and get lost, they say. Albeit getting lost often translates into something much more literal than initially intended.

What I’m getting at is – as the nature of the creative industry often sees to promote some kind of ideal (from the ideal holiday to the perfect dress we’ve all been waiting for and everything in-between) – a reminder of what it’s actually like behind the scenes is quite refreshing. Truth is, travelling is enriching and exhausting in any way or form you can possibly imagine. Just like the challenges faced, the lessons learnt on the road can be plentiful.

It’s both the good and the bad that make us want to go explore. The good you have without a doubt heard of (and hopefully experienced) many times already. If you’re still not convinced to book that plane ticket you’ve been eying for far too long already, head here and here. The bad, however, is more often than not triumphed by the good – and, at the end of the day – no one enjoys listening to complaints anyway. I’ve shared some of my more unfortunate travel tails with you already, so today is about those aspects of adventuring that are all so common despite not being talked about a lot.

So, here they are. 7 things they didn’t tell you about travelling. I wish someone told me these before naïve me first decided to strap on that backpack and fly somewhere exotic. If you have a friend who is just about to ‘get lost’, do them a favour and share the following 7 points with them.

1. Sooner or later, you will be ripped off. Try not to get too upset about those extra $4.35.
2. Airplanes are freezing, while many airports can be boiling hot – layering is the key!
3. Getting from A to B always, always, always takes longer than they say.
4. English is a global language? Ehm, no. – Prepare yourself to be lost in translation and download a dictionary app or make friends with a bilingual local to assist you.
5. Free WiFi is at times no more than the label of a black and white sticker. Depending on where you’re heading, prepare to disconnect.
6. Always carry a snack and some water on you. Being hungry, thirsty, as well as tired/lost/confused won’t end well.
7. Do trust strangers. Or even better, learn to follow your instinct.

Ultimately, take in as much as you can. Your journey will be over before you know it, so make the most if and live in the now. Seek to explore, open your heart to those around you and always go further. Happy travels!


Now, over to you. What gets the best of you when you’re on the road? Would you add anything to this list?

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