Carmen x The Tannery: Racing

Carmen x The Tannery: Racing

Horse racing is one of the most ancient of all sports and with it evolved a hugely profitable and prestigious betting industry. At some stage in the mid 18th century, an annual Cup Week was inaugurated whereby every racing club member was issued not one, but two additional ladies tickets – because “where ladies go, men follow”, naturally. Now an apparent highlight in one’s social calendar, Cup Week attracts not only those involved in the equestrian sport, but much rather those wanting to dress up, stand out, be seen, and quite possibly, drink up.

Frankly, my own experience with the notably most majestic creature in the animal kingdom is pretty limited. Aged 9, my three month long equestrian obsession abruptly ended when I fell off Wendy, who got tired and started galloping during my first riding lesson. 10 years later whilst riding one through the most incredible Argentinian pampas, I then seriously questioned my incapable 9 year old self.

While neither betting nor drinking sparks any interest in me, dressing up sure does. Cup Week fashion is renown for pieces that make you stand out from the crowd, featuring the most extravagant of headpieces, couture-inspired dresses and a whole lot of colour. One aspect of fashion for the races I particularly enjoy is how empowering looks that make you stand out can be. At first sight, however, races wear may not seem to leave you with too many options. Remember, fashion has no rules and if there was ever a better moment to put your own spin on it, it’s now.

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To get you thinking, I teamed up with the wonderful Christchurch-based boutique shopping emporium The Tannery to show you my take on what to wear to the races.

Frida Meets Audrey

Swap your hat for a flower crown alike those seen on Frida Kahlo and keep it classy with some pearls and a dress that only Audrey Hepburn herself could have worn better. This look is inspired by two grand women, so wear it with pride. Ultimately, to stop you sinking into the lawn on the day, flats will come in handy.

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Maurie & Eve Jaques Dress via RAW NOVA
Pearls via Filligree
Elk Lucido Patent Derby Shoes via The Flock
Flower Crown via KILT

Playful Plaids

Racing Season generally sees rather strict dress regulations , but there is nothing wrong with some loser shapes and modern prints. Throw them together, add a delicate yet strong piece of jewellery, don’t forget your puppy and off you go.

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ITZME Vest/Dress via Where The Fox Lives
Choker handmade in Christchurch via The Flock
Karen Walker Harvest Black Eyewear via RAW NOVA
Sol Sana Sandals via RAW NOVA

Flare it Up

She wears the pants. End of story.
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Racing1 (1 of 1)


Bluejuice Storm Pants via RAW NOVA
Wish Mode Shirt via EnCompass
My Deer Fox Diamond Bag via The Flock
Kobe Husk Heels via RAW NOVA

All White Everything

An all-white outfit is clean, crisp, and cool. With it comes a feeling of understated sophistication, which is hard to achieve with the array of colours and shapes one comes across during Cup Week. As always, try to add different textures when going for a monochromatic look (read more about it here).
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Racing8 (1 of 1)

Maurie & Eve Maelle Top via RAW NOVA
Skirt via Where The Fox Lives
Miss Wilson Lena Heel via RAW NOVA
Pared Eyewear Puss & Boots Shell via RAW NOVA
KOMONO Estelle Pastel Rose Watch via RAW NOVA
Clutch via RAW NOVA
Flower courtesy by Aromaunga Flowers

Which one is your favourite?

See you at the races!

PS. To find out more about where I got my looks from head over to The Tannery’s Facebook and Instagram page or read about it in one of my earlier posts.

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  • Love all of these looks, but I think the first one is definitely my favourite! When I was freelancing as a makeup artist I did a whole “Day at the races” photoshoot, and to this day it still remains my favourite one that I ever did! There’s something so gorgeous about getting all dressed up