Checking In – The Hilton Queenstown

First Impression

No traffic, no distractions, no pollution – three terms one might not immediately associate with the hustle and bustle of Queenstown. Lucky for you, I have found the perfect compromise; not too far from the slopes or apres ski games, yet quite literally amongst the elements. In fact, this wasn’t my first time at the Hilton Queenstown, nestled in-between the town’s precious lake and grand mountains. It’s only now, however, that I’m letting you in on this wee gem.


Luxury accommodation meets two things: spas and the great outdoors. I’d recommend to combine the two and make a long weekend out of it. The Remarkables are behind you, the lake in front, and the spa, well, that one is right next door. Years ago, I was given a voucher to it for my birthday; I still talk about it today… Breakfast is vegan-friendly, yet in-room dining comes with the price tag one would expect. Speaking of expectations, Queenstown traffic has its fair(ly large) share of issues. Ditch the car and take the water taxi into town. If not for the experience’s sake, do it for the nerves.


Chain hotels can lack individuality and reiterate the same old. The Hilton is a familiar name to many, sure, but its Queenstown edition has always managed to put its own spin on things.

Spend one sunrise or sunset by the lake, and the tourist numbers will make sense. To be fair, even on a gloomy day like the one I had a couple of weeks ago, the views from my balcony are some of the country’s best. When at the Hilton Queenstown, slow down. Sleep in, indulge, go for walks, notice the snow capped summits behind the corners of your book; just be.

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