Checking In – Millar Road, Hawkes Bay

First Impression

Ensconced in the lush Tuki Tuki Hills, the folks at Millar Road are on a successful quest to changing how we see luxury. Panoramic vineyard vistas, two architecturally ambitious villas, and abundant natural bounty lay the grounds for paradise. A personal paradise that is. Fuss-free, sustainable, and undeniably unique. While exploring the beauty of Hawkes Bay over a sleepy spring weekend, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this hideaway’s philosophy, its understated opulence, and exceptional wines.


The two purpose-built self-catering villas sleep up to 16 people. True to the region, the views of land and sea are magnetising (especially at sunrise). What’s almost more impressive, though, is that someone finally went the extra mile concerning facilities. Locally sourced breakfast supplies, botanical skincare products, New Zealand built furniture, a salt water swimming pool, and – my favourite – an extensive family-owned library including vinyl records and a turntable quickly set Millar Road apart from the rest.

Catering can be arranged, and Villa 2 is wheelchair friendly. A car is a must for reaching Millar Road. Prices vary between $400 and $950, depending on the villa and season. Book here.


Good times are bound to happen at Millar Road. Take your friends and family and see what I mean.

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