Checking In – The Westin Palace Milan, Italy

Checking In – The Westin Palace Milan, Italy

First Impression

Set in the heart of the luxurious city of Milan, one quickly forgets the Westin Palace’s bland façade upon entering. Opulence is the common theme. Chandeliers are used generously with a side of grand oil paintings and elegant sofas. Check-in is, unlike at most other luxurious establishments around Italy, painless and fuss-free. To my delight, a platter of fruit alongside the usual suspects of plush robes, picturesque city views, and the kind of bed you don’t want to leave the next morning, were all present. What else could one ask for?


With prices starting at € 157, the dream of splurging in 5-star comfort can easily be turned into reality. Vegan-friendly menus, top-notch service coupled with rooftop views ideal for a sundowner or some sun salutations to greet the day make the Westin Palace an ideal Milanese retreat.


I couldn’t help but immerse myself in a time-warped escape from reality. One of old glamour, classic luxury and new-age hospitality. Put on some Louis Armstrong, slip into a silk dress and dive into the extravagant world of Italy’s powerhouse Milano.

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