Closet Staples – An Introduction

Closet Staples – An Introduction

I always thought of fashion trends as a very limiting concept. As if wearing one particular style of trousers in one particular way would allow us to enter the illusive circles of the fashionable.

It is much rather the spirit of individuality, the notion self-expression, and the idea of starting a dialogue with something so profanely basic as a few items of fabric that makes me so passionate about it. We’ve talked about fashion as an art form and a manifestation of (self)love. We’ve hat chats on textures and colours. Even the joys of vintage-hunting and emancipated dressing had to be mentioned.

You see, while fashion trends as such may be limiting, fashion itself has the power to shift paradigms. It blurs societal boundaries by engaging individuals from all walks of live. It celebrates odes to the past while simultaneously reinventing and empowering millennials. It makes life that little bit less ordinary and invites to maintain a sense of self; season after season. Ultimately, it’s fun. And let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about!

Now, while concepts of self-expression and social change make for awesome discussions, they won’t be too useful on those mornings we are running late and just can’t figure out what to wear.

Help is near.

Once a week, ‘Closet Staples’ will look at one particular, you guessed it, wardrobe staple (we are talking lace, denim, and much more). So much fashion is crafted to last, so why not make purchases with a long and happy future in mind instead of buying into the ever-evolving greedy idea of the latest fashion trends we shouldn’t live without?


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