The Fox Glacier Photo Diary

Extraordinary experiences deserve a special highlight. This was one of them. We explored Fox Glacier on New Zealand’s West Coast with the team at Fox Guides on a moody afternoon in late April. The overall glacier is retreating at an unexpected rate, while the ice itself is also in constant movement. This means, every day on the glacier is different. The ice tunnels I crawled through won’t be there when you go. Howbeit, standing atop something of such staggering size and beauty left me speechless and I have a feeling it will do the same to you.

Are you ready? It’s time to put those adventure hats on.


The weather down there is unpredictable. Expect to get wet and cold and don’t forget a pair of gloves.

A big thank you goes to my friend Talman who took all photos with yours truly as the subject.

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