How to Fuel Your Wanderlust From Home

How to Fuel Your Wanderlust From Home

In my first blogpost, describing the essence of what I am about, I wrote:

“Living a lifestyle of adventure does not require you to throw yourself out of planes or to travel to countries which have names you can hardly pronounce. Instead, living by the three simple words of seek, do, and love has enabled me to integrate adventure into my everyday life.”

Whenever I feel myself getting itchy feet, I go back to read my words and remind myself how to fuel my very own sense of wanderlust right here, right now – from home. A new season doesn’t only make me want to revamp my whole closet, but it also makes me crave adventure. Travelling in winter can be fun when on the slopes in Japan or when slurping Glühwein at a romantic Christmas market in Bavaria. However, winter trips may also be miserable when you’re on an unheated overnight train in China, or you’re unable to press the shutter button on your camera because your hand is just about frozen. In spring, contrastingly, you have to pack less, freeze less, and can enjoy more. Win-Win, right?

But what happens if you just can’t get to step on the next plane to some exotic country to fuel your wanderlust? What happens if your everyday life entirely consumes you and travelling, or let’s say, exploring, seems like this foreign word just not matching your lifestyle? Lucky you are here because today’s mission is to come to rescue and inspire you to live a lifestyle of adventure which may just be the ideal answer to above questions.

1. Research

First, let’s find out what your surroundings have on offer. What do tourists prefer to do when they visit the place you live in? Not sure? Not to worry, because most visitors are avid TripAdvisor users and will kindly tell you everything (and more) about their experiences in the review sections, so start browsing. Ask your local tourism board for their most popular destinations to explore, read local blogs and magazines, and see what other major publications from the New York Times to Lonely Planet and National Geographic have to say about your habitat. Besides, don’t forget to check nearby events on Facebook and, most importantly, ask those around you. Chances are at least one of your work colleagues or neighbours feels just the same way.

Carmen Huter Travel Anecdotes

2. Make it a Joint Effort

Once you have narrowed it down to a couple of locations ideal to create your own adventure at, team up with someone likeminded and make it a joint effort. Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the new and unknown is much easier when the experience is shared with your partner in crime. Challenge each other always to go a step further and continually discover new opportunities.

Carmen Huter

3. Continue to be Inspired

When your ideas are not quite enough to source new inspiration, seek help from the more experienced. Watch documentaries (what would I do without BBC Knowledge?) and adventure films (from GoPro videos to mountaineering movies) are a great place to start. Read travel magazines, books, and blogs to not only follow along on someone else’s adventure but to dive in and ask yourself how you can do something similar within your very own surroundings. Finally, make an effort to meet new people and listen to their stories. Everyone creates adventure according to their very own interpretation of it. Be inspired by what those around you see it as and begin to design your terms.

The Bali Photo Diary

4. Repeat

Never ever stop exploring. Continue to research and discover the new. Continue to team up and interact with fellow wanderlust seekers. Ultimately, continue to be inspired and before you know it you will be the one to inspire those around you.


What’s your top tip for itchy feet?

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