Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Late American novelist Ralph Ellison once said: “Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.” Climbing temperatures and longer days practically ask for such effort. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get back into gear, leave our hibernating comfort zone and get moving. “But…”, I hear you saying. I feel you, but I’m afraid I will stick with Ralph Ellison and help you actuate said ‘overt action’. Here are my top five tips so you can make the most of your summer and get moving right away.

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Be Comfortable

There is nothing worse than ill-fitting gear. When picking out active wear, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics giving you loads of freedom to move can be a real game changer when it comes to performance. As always, invest in quality rather than quantity. To keep you covered, accessories are just as important. For us girls, sanitary products specifically designed for high-movement workouts, such as the U By Kotex Sport Ultrathins, will allow you to give it your all at any time. To get you started and feeling all supported and comfortable  thanks to U By Kotex, click here to receive one of their full-size products free of charge. Ultimately, your ideal workout gear should leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

To be sure you are ready to kickstart your summer and get moving right away, I teamed up with Lululemon, one of the most beautifully designed and made activewear brands around. Subscribe to my blog and comment below to be in to WIN 1 of 4 NZD $50.00 Lululemon gift cards. The randomly drawn four winners will be chosen on Oct 19 at 9 pm NZST. For another chance to enter head over to my Facebook to do the same. This competition is open to all ages worldwide.

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

But Not Too Comfortable

Pushing the boundaries and getting out of one’s comfort zone have become clichéd buzzwords for gym promotions, overused and, at times, overrated. At the heart of said phrases, however, is the truth of how challenging times, in which we face the unknown lead to positive change. As for most other aspects of life, pushing yourself a tad further during your workout will make you try even harder the next time. Be comfortable in your gear but don’t let your exercise routine become too comfortable.

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Sharing is Caring

Speaking of not being too relaxed while sweating off any possible winter baggage, why not make it a joint effort? Team up with someone like-minded, share the pain and challenge each other to always go a step further.

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Make it a habit

Whether your are off exploring exotic locations overseas or patiently awaiting summer back at home, let your get-moving-attitude become a habit. Discover your own wee fitness regime and continue to make the most of it. By the way, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Are you up for a challenge?

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

But Don’t Forget to Mix it Up

If you feel like boredom starts to set in during your regular workouts, change it up! Skip the gym, join a swimming club, become a yogi or find a new hill to tackle. Adding variety will keep you motivated, while giving your whole body a workout at the same time. How do you like to switch it up?


Ultimately though, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and have fun!


Now over to you. Subscribe to my blog, share your summer workout tips and comment below to win 1 of 4 NZD $50 Lululemon gift cards and, most importantly, enjoy kickstarting your summer!

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