Laters, 2015! – Empowerment

Laters, 2015! – Empowerment

So far, the ideas of taking on new perspectives and embracing (self-)love have painted a rather idyllic picture of what’s ahead.

But here’s the problem.

A good intention is only as good as its execution. In other words, said two ideas give us a chance to connect our inner self with our daily reality. A chance to act upon. Think of it as the world being our mirror.


My third and final NYE attire consists of a Bec & Bridge jumpsuit, a choker, and my go-to pair of heels. I can’t help but feel empowered wearing it. Whether is the long bell sleeves, the deep plunge line or the fierce lace-up heels, it’s one of those looks that knows how to make a statement without too many words.


Here is to 2016. A year of empowerment. Daring to begin, we will empower each other, take action and persevere. We will create new perspectives, persist to love, and emancipate.

Over and out. Happy New Year!

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