Laters, 2015! – It’s a Love Story

Laters, 2015! – It’s a Love Story

Yesterday, we took on a new perspective. A perspective which evolves as our surroundings do the same. A point of view which is bold, yet modest and open-minded, yet personal. With that comes the realisation of New Year’s resolutions not being the right fit. As if the idea of making a permanent and sudden change was too narrow considering our intention of taking on new perspectives as we go.

Today, a new NYE look inspires a second thought welcoming the new year. How would you describe this burgundy playsuit?


Playful. Romantic. Feminine.

What else? To me, the cut says young and almost girly, while the material counteracts with a rather classy and more elegant voice. Whatever came to your mind, one thing is for sure. The combination of lace, a deep red and a feminine cut calls for romance. Now, romance, or shall we say, love is not something commonly associated with a New Year’s resolution. Which is quite ironical, as love – almost always – is the key to happiness.

Here is to 2016. A year of love. Love for our own’s worth and affection for those we share our lives with. Love for what drives us and passion for what’s ahead.


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