Laters, 2015! – White Perspective

Laters, 2015! – White Perspective

Brace yourselves, 2015 is almost over.

They say, when one door closes another opens. In an attempt to locate said new door, we often find ourselves in formulating New Year’s resolutions. While simultaneously digesting last week’s Christmas feast and catching up on some much needed time off, we hurriedly assess our shortcomings and prepare to rectify. As the Gregorian calendar moves onto a new year and our hastily set plan to become an all-round better person demands a sudden change of lifestyle, we slowly abandon our intentions. Instead of waiting for the next New Year to provide us with a new opportunity (read: new pressure) to make the same resolutions again, I propose not to make any at all.

Instead, my Laters, 2015! series seeks to present you with a set of three new ideas to take on (or leave, as a matter of fact) any day of the year. No pressure. No promises. Just three simple blurbs of insight inspired by three different looks leading up the grand night during which we will welcome 2016.


First up, white perspective. Despite the almost shy fabric and simple colours used to make this Shakuhachi dress, its overall effect couldn’t be any bolder. Still waters run deep, right?

Taking on a new perspective often comes down to disengaging stereotypes and preconceived ideas. Here is to 2016. A year of new perspectives, openminded attitudes and ways of understanding the bigger picture. Let’s be more mindful, ask more questions, and take on new perspectives – from all colours.


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