Look of the Week – Between the Lines

Look of the Week – Between the Lines

Nietzsche said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” Like a reader interpreting a book, or a fashion buyer interpreting a collection, so too Nietzsche points out that the way the world is seen is upon the person observing it. Naturally, objective facts exist; but it’s up to the individual to read between the lines and connect the dots.

Speaking of all things geometrical, (pin)stripes are back for good. Think subtle masculinity, unflustered style and clean-cut 90’s elegance, throw them together and there it is: something so perennially chic it will last for much longer than the next couple of seasons. Kick off 2016 in style and earn serious fashion points by (literally) reading between the lines. Make it your own by teaming it with pieces you can’t go without and your everyday uniform will be upgraded in no time.

PS. Next time you’ll find yourself lost in your wardrobe unable to find any viable options of what to wear (we’ve all been there; t o o many times in fact) – think of Nietzsche’s wise words. Fashion or its so-called rules don’t make who you are. It’s up to us to interpret what we see hanging in our closet. To find what works best for us. And to embrace fashion as a language with no barriers.

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C/MEO Collective Hold Me Down Vest
Deadly Ponies Mr Windsor Knot Scarf
Topshop White Wash Joni Jeans
Zara Top (out of season)
Windsor Smith Racerr Sneakers

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