Look of the Week – Business as Usual

Look of the Week – Business as Usual

Sometimes I feel as if our own sense of fashion makes a habit of reaching into the past and instead of rejigging it in its entirety, it just carries on with what it knows. Business as usual is comfortable – especially when you’re running late and don’t have an iron handy. While a basic understanding of what sort of clothing suits our lifestyles and personalities is vital, challenging what we know isn’t so bad either from time to time. Yes, go ahead and find your own style. But – at the same time – don’t be too afraid of shaking it up once in a while. Curiosity, my friends, is the key.

In the words of Liz Gilbert,

Curiosity is the truth and way of creative living. It is the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end.

In an attempt of keeping the fashion wheel spinning with the shock of new, throwing together a couple of essential items in my wardrobe seemed like a brilliant idea. You might remember, I talked about re-inventing your everyday uniform a few post’s ago and today’s look of the week shows another way of how to redefine your daily grind. We’re talking dresses over trousers. Whether you long for tailored pants or skinny jeans, as a general rule of thumb, stay away from leggings. Other than that, the fashion wheel is all yours. What will it land on next week?








Waven High Rise Skinny Jeans
Kate Sylvester Inez Dress
Lost Ink Black Block Heel Ankle Boots
Alexander + Fox Blaire Boho Shoulder Bag

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