Look of the Week – Cutting Shapes

Look of the Week – Cutting Shapes

A lot people love the idea of the perfect fit. The perfect cut which accentuates curves and hugs the body. The shape which can define your look, and how you feel. The problem with the super-structured piece is is rigidity. Like a straight-jacket, you cram yourself in, and deliver on the designer’s ideal.

What if you cut your own shape? A loose-fitting dress can move with and around you and your environment, bringing a dynamic edge amongst the statues of design.

Balanced with a tailored blazer, you can conform to a point, but are ready to cast off your shackles and move when the time is right. Let’s start cutting some shapes!









I am wearing

Mason Mini Satin Dress by MLM via Mrs Smiths Loves at Collective
Dimmer Blazer by CAMILLA AND MARC via Mrs Smiths Loves at Collective
Clutch by Deadly Ponies
Traci Wedge by Sol Sana via Andrea Biani
One Meadow sunnies by Karen Walker

What do you think of this week’s look?

PS. Thanks again to the fantastic Lieselot de Brauwer for shooting this look with me. Find her on her blog The World is a Circus.

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