Look of the Week – Serious Blooms

Look of the Week – Serious Blooms

What was that with wearing florals in summer again?

Oh, that’s right – it’s not a thing. What is a thing, however, is liking a piece of art so much you turn it into a piece of clothing. In this case, Derek Henderson’s hydrangea photo (shot alongside the Waikato river, if anyone was wondering) made its way into one of SGC’s most loved collections. It’s such a brilliant combination of local landscape, photography and fashion (a.k.a. everything I live for) – how could I have not talked about it with you guys?! Blooms aside, there is always room for a serious pair of flared denim to extend the level of rebelliousness of your brows down to your ankles. Finally, elevate your sophistication with a necktie and throw in the most expensive handbag you own (or loan), and you’re good to go.

stolen girlfriends-5

stolen girlfriends-4

stolen girlfriends-3

stolen girlfriends-2

stolen girlfriends-1

Betty Bandit Flares by Stolen Girlfriends Club Denim
Happy Hydrangea Tee by Stolen Girlfriends Club
Mr Mossat by Deadly Ponies
Taffy Heels by Senso *hidden underneath the extensive amount of fabric surrounding my ankles

What are we thinking of this ‘look of the week’ ensemble?

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