Look of the Week – Self Portrait

Look of the Week – Self Portrait

Self-portrait: a portrait that an artist produces of themselves.

One of the most enticing aspects of fashion is the way in which we (often unconsciously) choose to portray ourselves. It adds to the picture one draws of us at first sight. Heavily influenced by stereotypes, said picture might not always be the one we’d paint of ourselves. If asked to draw your self-portrait, what would you wear in it? Mine would be different every day. Multi-facetted, let’s say. As superficial of a topic it is, the world of fashion moves so much more in us than we think. Instead of following the step-to-step style guide in a random tabloid, why not look for some inspiration within yourself first? The days in which we had to conform to ‘fashion rules’ are long gone. Wear whatever you feel like wearing. Inject some personality into your clothes and make them your own. At the end of the day, clothes mean nothing unless someone lives in them.

Going with the theme of looking within, I decided to make it an actual self-portrait and took my tripod for a drive. The white tee perfectly breaks up the delicate feminine side of this silky Miss Crabb dream. A pair of old chucks and a leather jacket are two ultimate wardrobe staples, giving the outfit a much more relaxed and urban approach.







Stolen Girlfriends Club Perfect Day Biker Jacket
Miss Crabb Summertime Dress
Zara T-Shirt

If you had to pick anything form your wardrobe right now to shoot a self-portrait, what would it be?

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