Look of The Week – The Greenhouse

Look of The Week – The Greenhouse

Black lace and humid greenhouses may not be specifically made for each other, but I appreciate how the one seems to work with the other in this shoot. Neither too casual, nor too smart has been my style mantra in the past few months. Life changes and with its constant movement, I prefer my clothes to move with me, adapt, and, most importantly, offer some degree of practicality and individuality. In my books, this look of the week ticks all the boxes. What do you think?

On a completely different note, how fabulous are greenhouses? They allow to produce locally, with little restrictions to space and climate. Speaking of climate, greenhouses gases on the other side have been impacting as much as 70% of the global sea-level rise. It’s not like we don’t have enough reasons to look at our very own carbon footprint already, but here is another one anyway. I know this is a look of the week and some of you might expect me to talk more things fashion. And don’t worry, I will and already have. As I’m travelling from one city and country to another, however, it appears more so than ever how wasteful and narrow-minded our modern consumption levels have become. I urge you to think about whether what you buy matches what you believe. Be an example for those around you, look after our planet and support local brands (I’m wearing two awesome Kiwi brands in this post,for instance). Your actions and attitude matter just as much as everyone else’s. Use them wisely. Here’s to more greenhouses and better fashion! x












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