Look of the Week – Zeitgeist

Look of the Week – Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist: The Spirit of age.

In fashion, keeping up or, even better, predicting the turns the world of fashion is about to take has long been regarded as a crucial pursuit anyone in the industry is to follow. Dictating what’s in and what’s out fills hundreds of pages on- and offline read by millions of eager fashion followers and makers every day. In fact, trend forecasting and analysis is a major sector of the industry. What’s surprising to some is that those who predict trends look much further than runway shows or street style photos. This is where zeitgeist comes in. Future fashion ‘trends’ (aka what we’ll be told to buy in a year’s time) are influenced by the spirit of society; its politics discussed, its music produced, its graffiti’s painted, its countries visited, the list goes on.

And sometimes, all that is needed to make a good outfit great is understanding that spirit of society. Take a trend you read about and inject not only personality but also a sense of the zeitgeist.

In the 40’s, fashion was all about midi skirts. In the 70’s, head scarves were the way to go.

Today, it’s anyone’s game.

For me, fashion should be expressive and fun. Remember, the only rule in the illusive world of style is that there are no rules. Instead, look beyond the obvious, be inspired by the past, express yourself, and, most importantly, have fun with it!







Rita and Phil custom-made skirt
Lonely Hearts Oversized Tee
Deadly Ponies Empire Scarf
Karen Walker Acorn & Leaf Pendant
Zara Shoes (out of season)

What do you reckon of this look? Hope you’re all having a fantastic start into 2016. x

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