Look of the Week – Time Well Wasted

Look of the Week – Time Well Wasted

Procrastination is a love/hate story all of us know too well. At one stage or another, some feel an impulse to behave differently, right? Now, the key is not to waste our time simply. Instead, procrastination can lead us down roads we’ve never even heard of. Sure. We’re still wasting time. This time, though, we are wasting time well. Time well wasted can be spent exploring the arts, browsing a bookshop for several hours, or even learning how to make a website. In fact, procrastination has no barriers. An act so necessary and freeing at times, so utterly useless at others. As so often, it all comes down to creating a new story, trusting your gut, and reading between the lines. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that my love for fashion began out of procrastination. I was in my early teens when I first discovered Vogue on the shelf of our local grocery store. I had just enough pocket money to purchase it, ran home and sunk my head deep into the many illustrated pages, soon to be propelling me into the elusive and extraordinary world of fashion makers, writers, models and everyone in-between. That day, my homework may have been left untouched, but my mind felt as if someone hit reset and filled it with a new kind of energy and delight at an art my sleepy hometown and mountaineering dad could have never introduced me to. See, procrastination can take you places far and wide. Just like a great outfit. The one below celebrates absolute feminity in delicate lace and – rather than the tired combination of the dress – blazer look – pairs it with something a little edgier. And comfortable, of course. A jersey with words to remind us all of following our fascinations every once in a while. To waste time well. When you next have some spare time, I propose to create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. To whatever brings you to life. The rest will take care of itself, I promise.









Huffer Jersey (last season)
Keepsake Say My Name Dress
Senso Taffy Heels

PS. I’m getting excited about New Zealand Fashion Week (Aug 20-28) and so should you. See you there x

PPS. The pictures were taken back in February, hence the hair and all..

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