Mid-Winter Vegan Feast at The Heritage

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. A plant-based diet has a whole lot more to it than salad. And while that is old news to those who are friendly with the world of vegetables, legumes and weirdly delicious things such as cashew cheese, many well-established eateries here in New Zealand are still playing catch up. The ultimate goal of eating food that is powered by plants is to nourish bodies and minds while cherishing our environment. A vision which I wholeheartedly believe in and one that I am even more excited to share with local businesses. The Heritage Auckland is one of them. Their in-house restaurant Hectors has made several appearances on both my website and my Instagram before, but I just had to share a quick post about my experience at their annual mid-winter vegan feast.

Going in, I had no doubt executive chef Gerrard O’Keefe was working his magic in the kitchen. What I didn’t expect, however, was just how diverse and complex the dishes were. Long gone were the days of sad tofu stir-fries and tomato spaghetti. We’re talking rainbow lasagne, sushi, faux chicken roulade with truffle stuffing, buffalo cauliflower, eggplant pomodoro, passionfruit cheescake, and raw bounty slices; to name a few.

The event is held once a year around the end of July at Hectors on Hobson Street in Auckland. All food is locally sourced, making the menu natural, honest and not restrictive in any way. If you’ve never been before, I recommend you pencil in a visit on a Monday evening; $45 for a spectacular three course spin on plant-powered goodness. Bon appetit!

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