New Zealand Fashion Designers

New Zealand Fashion Designers

Is it just me or does it feel like New Zealand’s fashion labels should be much more popular than they actually are? For me, Kiwi fashion is characterised by effortlessness, sustainability, quality, and cutting edge design. To show you what I mean and to prove that Kiwi fashion is something we should all show more support towards, I picked my favourite local designers. Enjoy.


The Christchurch based designer duo Natalia Baird and Lucille Ness pair top-notch craftsmanship with a new twist on classic designs. Their clothing feels luxurious and effortless at the same time. To get your hands on one of their very wearable yet unique pieces, keep an eye out for one of their pop-up stores or head to one of the stores I will be featuring in my next post. The two fashion newbies are only just about to take on their roles full-time, which means exciting things are coming our way!

Miss Crabb

Kiristine Crabb (what a perfect name for a label?!) designs and creates all her garments in New Zealand, is extremely talented and produces pieces that are different, long-lasting, and incredibly comfortable to wear. She commonly uses silk, geometrical patterns, minimal silhouettes and her colour palette sees a lot of monochrome looks. It’s chic, it’s simple and it’s local, et voilà.

Julian Danger

Amy-Rose Goulding created Julian Danger in 2009 and, thanks to her two distinct seasonal collections, appeals to a broad range of Kiwi customers. While the ‘Classic Label’ offers a more timeless and sophisticated approach, ‘Mainline’ takes a fun and creative twist on everyday high fashion wear. All garments are ethically produced overseas and a highly anticipated seasonal bag and shoe collection will give the perfect finish to JD’s range.

Deadly Ponies

Founded in 2004, Deadly Ponies is both a national and international favourite when it comes to high quality, functional, and effortless handbags, wallets, and jewellery. Liam Bowden successfully created a brand that stands for sustainable production, fine-grained yet simple designs, and pieces that will not only stand out but also last for a life-time.

Karen Walker

She shows at New York Fashion Week, regularly dresses the crème de la crème, was voted as one of the top designers shaping the global fashion industry in ’13 and ’14, sells in over 30 countries, and continues to release campaigns which are refreshing, vibrant, wearable, and simply gorgeous. On top of that her shoe and jewellery collaborations go viral as soon as they hit the market and she even works with the United Nations ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative using fashion as vehicle out of poverty. So how could I write about New Zealand’s best designers and not include the fantastic Karen Walker?!

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Dan Gosling, Luke Harwood and Marc Moore had no professional training in fashion design. Yet they followed their passion and created one of the most powerful, eclectic and innovative young fashion brands New Zealand has seen. Stolen Girlfriends Club’s pieces are rebellious, well-crafted, powerful and popular.


Last but not least, RUBY’s head designer Deanna Didovich transformed the once small Kiwi boutique into a fashion powerhouse for the girl filled with personality, wanderlust, and fun. The Kiwi favourite manages to combine strong femininity with a sense of cool effortlessness, alongside a continuous lust for redefining the new. I cannot wait to follow the road RUBY will take; it sure will be one to watch!

Stay tuned for the next episode of NZ Spotlight which will feature some of my favourite fashion stores around the country.

Over to you, which Kiwi label could you not live without?

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