Plant Power With Hectors Restaurant at The Heritage Auckland

Salad. That’s what some of you might think of when you come across a plant-based menu. First things first, eating a diet consisting of mostly or only plants will not lead to deprivation. Much the opposite is the case, in fact. Now, I’ve been vegan for three years. In my travels, I’ve seen it all, from the vegetarian chicken in South East Asia to the raised eyebrows in Argentina.

At home in New Zealand, there seem to be two camps; one for the veggie lovers and one for the overwhelming rest. One point that is often forgotten is the fact that you don’t need to be a full-on, card-carrying vegan to enjoy the benefits of a plant-powered meal. Moderation is the key, and so is a flavoursome meal. The latter of which I regularly enjoy at the Heritage Hotel’s very own restaurant. It goes by the name of Hectors and serves up unexpectedly affordable, tasty plant-based (among others) cuisine.

Hectors Restaurant is the first of its kind hotel venue to place a tremendous focus on healthy, vegan fair. There is a raw breakfast bar, an exclusively plant-based lobby menu, a vegan high tea, and a lunch/dinner menu consisting of roughly 50% plant power. What I love the most, however, is the apparent love for experimenting. Executive chef Gerard O’Keefe goes out of his way to find new vegan pairings and pushes veggie boundaries one meal at a time.

To kick things off with, I recommend to try out their meat-free Monday meals and go from there. Also, you can’t leave without having dessert (all I can say is chocolate sorbet with freeze dried mandarin). Click here ( to access Hectors Restaurant’s menu and book a table.

By the way, sustainability is naturally taken very seriously at Hectors. In efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and support local farmers, the produce that lands on your plate grows within 50 km of the Heritage Hotel Auckland. Way to go, wouldn’t you agree?

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