How to Save Money to Travel The World

They say adventures are always a good idea. I don’t know who they are, but they are right. One thing that often misses this equation, however, is money. Saving for adventures is crucial to turn our dreams into reality. Several years on the road have taught me one or two tricks, which is why I have partnered with Fly Buys – a free to join loyalty programme, which lets you collect points towards a wide range of rewards – to provide you with the biggest money savers at home and overseas.

Cut The Everyday Expenses

The saving mission starts at home. Eating out is easily replaced with home cooked fares. So is the coffee on the go. The local park is much prettier than the gym anyway. Sitting in traffic has never been fun. One might as well do it with friends. Carpooling also drastically lowers expenses with the pleasing side effect of new friendships. Vintage clothes look better, do good for the planet and cost a lot less. A stand at the local market or a TradeMe account will help all decluttering efforts and bring in cash at the same time. Phone and computer upgrades can simply be done without. Books and magazines online or at the library offer the same value as they do in-store. Try it out!

Plan The Adventure

Where to next? A question most commonly answered by flight prices. Luckily, Fly Buys is of great help in this regard. Using Fly Buy points, flights, hotels, package holidays and car hires can be purchased at no cost. The same goes for camera and camping gear. For instance, I recently added the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 to my repertoire. If you’re not yet a Fly Buys member, you can sign up and start earning here. Exploring our own backyards, heading overseas during low or shoulder season and picking lesser known destinations help enrich the overall travel experience without blowing the budget.

While on The Road

The smart traveller doesn’t overpack, joins free walking tours and embraces the outdoors. Flexibility is key. Outrageous prices for theatre and opera tickets are usually slashed in half at last minute. The same goes for a cruise around the Galapagos Islands (just in case you were wondering). Sticking to a daily budget helps lengthen time on the road. There is no waiting list or expensive cover charge on a picnic by the lake, or the beach, the Eiffel tower, the top of a mountain; you name it! Now and then, I do believe a treat is mandatory. And that’s where the travel experiences at Fly Buys come in. Collect points as you go and redeem them on dolphin encounters, winery tours and more such fun things. My après-ski go-to is a ticket to the Onsen Hot Pools in Queenstown.

Saving for the ultimate adventure can be hard, but it is unquestionably always worth it! Be smart about your expenses, travel slowly and locally, use Fly Buys to book activities, accommodation and flights and try not to fall for the tourist trap. Happy travels!

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