Seek Do Love – A Lifestyle of Adventure

Seek Do Love – A lifestyle of Adventure

Living a lifestyle of adventure does not require you to throw yourself out of planes or to travel to countries which have names you can hardly pronounce. Instead, living by the three simple words of seek, do, and love has enabled me to integrate adventure into my everyday life. So, what does seek, do, love mean to me?


Seek – Go a little further.

Actively seeking new challenges and opportunities involves getting out of your comfort zone. The more channels you explore, the more opportunities will come your way. While this is easier said than done, you will soon realise how much more there is to life; doors will open up, and all you have to do is to believe in yourself and step right through them. In my case, had I waited for the rest of my life to start on its own, I most definitely wouldn’t have travelled the world or called New Zealand my home. Exploring the new and the unknown and learning more about myself and others is what drives me to always go a little further. Going that little bit further away from your comfort zone might just let you see what you want to do in your life; or it might just allow you to live a more meaningful life, a life that you create, shape, and control.Β  Sounds good, right?


Do – What are you waiting for?

Often, the only thing that hinders us from being successful is ourselves. To be honest with you, self-doubt is my only barrier. I have come to learn if I have sought and found an opportunity, and I feel good about it, all I then have to do is seize it. Over-thinking, procrastination, and spooning out a full Nutella jar will get you nowhere. Ultimately, creating an entire life means listening to your heart, trusting your gut feeling and simply going for whatever it is you feel like doing.


Love – Open your heart.

Be the kind person you would like to meet, smile a bit more, and start connecting. The more we share, the more we have. So, let’s be more open; open to new ideas, new people, new cultures, new thoughts. Perspective answers many questions. To be mindful and aware requires you to see things from ‘the bigger picture’. Whether you are on the road, or you are out with your friends, showing compassion and opening your heart to the new and the different will allow you to understand and to relate.


Seek, do, love is not from a self-help DVD. This is something created out of my experience. From working in one of the biggest slums in the world in Rio de Janeiro to moving my life to the opposite side of the globe or staying with members of the H’Mong tribe in the Vietnamese highlands; these events and many more have nourished this idea. Now, the idea of seek, do, love feeds my experiences.

Seek, do, love – these three words have continued to inspire me to live a life filled with adventure, love, and happiness. I hope they will do the same for you!

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