5 Habits That Will Make Your Day

5 Habits That Will Make Your Day

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. A saying that looks good on a print or your phone as a background, right? It gets slightly more complicated when you – still half-asleep and somewhat one-eyed, try to make it go away by hitting the snooze button (one last time). Making the most of your time awake will leave you feeling more energized, content and ready to conquer another day. Here are my top 5 tips that will make every day one to remember.

1. Get Up and Going

I feel you. It’s cold outside; you forgot to get more coffee the day before and another 5 minutes in bed is all you are asking for. I’m afraid those 5 minutes won’t make much of a difference so do yourself a favour and start your day off right. Get out of bed, turn some good music on, and get going. Whether you are off to practice your daily meditation (I admire your discipline, I really do), or you put the kettle on and check your emails, the most important thing is that you kick-start your day with a positive attitude. Whether it is inspired by scrolling down your Instagram feed, having a dance to your favourite song, texting your best friend, or devouring the greenest juice of them all doesn’t matter as long as you fill your morning with positive vibes only.

2. Get moving

There is no better excuse to escape from your desk a little while than taking some time for your body. You have heard and read it plenty of times before. Exercise makes you happier, more productive, more balanced and all-around better-feeling person. If 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga sounds a bit too intense for you (although, I promise you will feel a m a z i n g afterwards), how about a few laps in the swimming pool on your way to work? Alternatively, challenge yourself at home and join Happybody’s 100 club (Diana sure knows how to get you sweating in no time). Don’t forget to stretch it out (best done in front of the TV at night), take the stairs (the elevator can wait a few years), and embrace a healthy amount of exercise without spending hours in the gym.

PS. I’ve also written about exercising while travelling and how to get moving for summer.

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3. Fuel Up

Being hangry is no fun for you, and it’s even worse for those around you. Be kind to yourself (and your work mates) and please don’t skip breakfast. The notion of food being your fuel will help you understand what drives your body, your mind, and, ultimately, your success and well-being. Eat what makes you feel good in the long-run. Charge up your batteries at lunch with a well-balanced meal to avoid falling asleep an hour later, always have a snack on you (home-made granola bars, fruit, or bliss balls are ideal), avoid processed foods and give your body the energy it needs (no carbs after a long run won’t go down well). Bon Appétit!

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4. Dress Up

Ethid Head, an eight-times Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design, once said “You can have anything you want. If you dress for it” . The way your clothes make you feel shapes the way you go about your day. Whatever the occasion may be today, dress for it. Confidence comes from within, yes. Why not enhance it with a more polished outer appearance?


5. Create New Habits

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. What would be one thing that would make you enjoy your day a little more? What could you do to bring more joy in your life? Here are some ideas:

Do Something New Every Day

Break the rules already and make a habit of finding something new to do – every day. Whether you taste a new cuisine, you bake a cake for the first time; you message your friend from primary school to see how things are; you join a new fitness class, or you simply watch a new TV show. Broaden your mind, continue to learn and try something new today.

Gratitude As An Attitude

Did you know that gratitude has the strongest link with mental well-being than any other character trait? Create a habit of expressing your gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal, saying thank you a little more often and slowly but surely becoming more aware of what sort of things make you appreciate life.

Chat It Up

While browsing Pinterest the other day I read, “Friends are therapists you can drink with.” Spot on. Seriously, catching up with a friend for a quick coffee or giving them a call after a long day at work will instantly lift your mood. Make it a habit of chatting it up at least once per day and feeling the love.

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What do you do to make the most out of your day? Leave a comment below and inspire others.

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