A Roundup

A Roundup

Happy Sunday everyone and a warm welcome to my newest readers, thanks for joining me! With this website being online for just over 7 months, a fair amount of content has been shared so far. While I’m all about moving forward, Sunday’s are often best spent reflecting. This is why today’s post entails a roundup of some of my favourite articles published to date.

1. The Essence

Seek Do Love – A Lifestyle of Adventure describes what I stand for. Whether in fashion, at home or whilst getting lost in a new country, these three words continually inspire me to reach further, explore more, and share it all with those around me.
Mt Rinjani - Day 2

2. Let’s Talk Fashion

In mid July I decided I can’t call myself a ‘fashion blogger’ without actually ‘shooting fashion’. However, I wasn’t too keen on continually posting random daily outfits without putting too much thought into it. This is when I created a weekly fashion post addressing anything from a new designer or fashion store I have come across to various aspects of the fashion industry and new trends I picked up along the way. Moving away from fast fashion, my goal is to support only brands which encompass the idea of sustainability across their business. Some of my favourite posts so far are The Art of Fashion, Flares, and Past Perfect.


3. The Vegan Blogger

I enjoy fashion, I eat banana ice-cream for breakfast and I run a blog. It’s such a stereotype, isn’t it? While it doesn’t bother me in the slightest (and seriously, who wouldn’t want ice-cream for brekkie?), it bothers others. Instead, what we should really be bothered about is how we treat our environment. I took this opportunity to write about various stigmas and the not-so-true benefits surrounding a vegan diet in: Why a Vegan Diet Doesn’t Solve All of Your Problems.

4. The Land of the Red Dragon

How could I have solo-travelled through China and not take a moment to share my impressions with you? If you’re not convinced yet, bear in mind that iCloud decided to take the phrase ‘collect moments, not things’ a tad too far and deleted most of my China photos a couple of days after publishing the first and second part of China’s Most Beautiful Destinations. It was meant to be.

5. A Milestone

One of the ways bloggers make money is by creating sponsored content. However, having authenticity and quality as two of my key pillars for this website has seen me turning down most offers to date. I therefore felt as though I reached a milestone after writing about my spin on ‘fitness’ and publishing my first sponsored post with two brands I am fully aligned with. Even better, I am finally able to give back to those engaging with me by hosting a giveaway for my favourite active wear brand. You are able to find the post (and enter the competition, if you haven’t yet) here.

Kickstart Your Summer and Get Moving

Here is to all of you reading this right now. Let’s make the next 7 months even better.

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