Because You’re Worth It

Because You Are Worth It

Carmen Huter You're worth it

Today’s Sunday post is a letter from me to you. A message to give you a gentle reminder that each and every one of you is worth it. What is ‘it’, you ask? Well, first of all, because you are worth it is so much more than a marketing slogan developed by the French in the early 80’s to make you buy chemical hair colouring products.

Because you’re worth it is about the fact that you are worth living the life you dream of, you are worth being respected, you are worth taking off your mask and being whoever you choose to be.

In this day and age, we are growing towards a highly individualistic, high-achieving culture in which there seems to be little room for errors. Pressure is what many feel when all they desire is a sense of belonging.

I find it paradoxical that so many of us strive to make this world a better place for generations to come, while most of us dislike their path of life and are disengaged both at work and at home. Living a life numb to change, to emotions and growth will 1) never allow us to make this world a better place and 2) will never make us realise that we are worth it. I say it’s time to let go and start feeling right now.

Trust your gut, be yourself while being part of a community to inspire and support you, listen and learn more, and, most importantly, start loving yourself. Many of us are solely focused on loving those around us, fulfilling our ‘duties’ and doing what we are meant to be doing. Forgetting about ourselves is a simple consequence.

To fully love those around us, we must first love ourselves. To create a better world, we must find, develop and listen to our voice first. To become part of a community inside an individualistic society, we must open our hearts first. Living every day as the day before is easy, but you are worth more.

‘You are worth it’ is about understanding how you can contribute and how much you can achieve. I dare you to dream of something so big that it scares you. I dare you to step a little bit further and understand the impact you could have on those around you. I dare you to take those dreams and think about how they could be turned into reality.

You are worth creating happiness for yourself and your surrounding. Joy builds confidence, and you are worth being confident in your abilities. You are worth breaking rules, and creating new ones. You’re worth it.

Happy Sunday!

Carmen Huter

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