Keeping Fit on the Road

Keeping Fit on the Road

If I don’t workout for a long period, I get moody. Imagine a combination of PMS and someone being incredibly hungry – you get the idea. Here is the dilemma: We all know that exercise has 1001 benefits for our wellbeing, our mind and our body. When on holiday, it is widely accepted to move as little as possible; to ‘relax,’ that is.

Staying fit while you are wandering the world is much easier than you think. Here are my top four tips for keeping fit on the road.

1. Pack it

Unless you are in the Himalayas, a pair of Nike’s will suffice for said morning runs and even match that pair of vintage denim shorts you found at the market. If you don’t your pack your active gear, chances are you won’t be active. Pack it and you have the tools to explore.
Carmen Huter Brazil

2. Get Up

Sunrise hikes, morning markets, and to be the first at breakfast are three of my favourite things to do while I am travelling. Getting up early will not only help you overcome your jet lag quickly, but it will also allow you to settle into the rhythm of local life; meaning you will get more out of your travel experience. As for fitness, a morning run is one of the best ways to get a feel for your new surroundings. While keeping you in shape, you might also stumble across untouched gems to be explored later in the day.
Carmen Huter Cape Reinga

3. See it

Taking the gondola up the mountain or sitting on a train will only get you so far. The best views in the world are usually hidden far off the road. Whether you want to see the sunset over a coastline or dive into a beautiful waterfall, your feet are often the only way to get there.
Carmen Huter Mt Roy

4. Replay

While I am a huge advocate for spontaneous adventure, sticking to a simple fitness routine can keep you calm and fit in the midst of travel madness. Whether a few sun salutations every dawn or 30 push-ups before you go to bed (or to the pub) do the trick for you, your own wee fitness regime will give you more energy to take in bustling cities or dance through the night.
Carmen Huter Ha Long Bay

How do you manage to keep in shape while on the road?

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