Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

Since so many of you take the time to not only read what I have to say but even message me to ask further, today’s post will hopefully answer all your questions. Let’s regard it as the long-missing FAQ section, although it very much feels like a slightly odd and egocentric interview with myself. In all seriousness, though, I truly appreciate all your feedback and interest. This platform was built to inspire all you wonderful readers to explore more; more destinations, more fashion, and more of yourself. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Why do you travel?

My travels teach me. First and foremost, visiting a foreign culture teaches me about different ways of life, history, cuisine, languages, and so much more. The process of travelling also teaches me about myself. Travel allows me to find myself while I am completely lost in a foreign country. It regularly pushes my comfort zone, makes me feel free, and shows me how truly unique and beautiful this world can be.
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Why do you blog?

Brilliant question! I blog because it feels right. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to share my thoughts on life and express my newly found creative vein, in March this year I decided to put all of my eggs in one basket and buy a domain consisting of nothing more than my full name. I blog because I believe that – with the right amount of motivation and dedication – everyone has a chance to excel. This website aims to motivate you to take life a little further; whether you feel like travelling more and living a lifestyle of adventure, or tapping into the world of fashion and finding your real sense of style.

Who takes your photos?

A remote control, my better half, or one of my gorgeous and very patient friends. By the way, 9 out of 10 frames look something like this:
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Why are you vegan?

After spending years of constantly being unwell, I had two options. I could either take a whole lot of medication and hope to get better artificially, or I could listen to my body and stick to the foods that made me feel better. Option B worked a treat. Eating mostly plant-based (including a daily amount of way too much homemade bread and dark chocolate) feels natural to me and I most certainly don’t feel restricted. More importantly, consuming a wholesome, plant-based diet plays a significant role in decreasing the exploitation of animals, deforestation, water and air pollution, and poverty. The amount of information on this subject can be overwhelming, so feel free to comment below and I’ll link you to some non-preachy and helpful pages. I have also written about it here and here.
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Do you have a degree?

Yes! In November 2015, I completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Management and Human Resources Management at the University of Canterbury.

Why is fashion so important to you?

Fashion tells a story. It’s our chosen skin. It inspires and is inspired by our emotions and environment. Fashion is more than what meets the eye; especially when you find yourself on a busy shopping street or in a crowded mall. Fashion is a form of art; intriguing and captivating. However, it is also a $ 3 trillion industry with its leading sector, fast fashion, mostly ignoring human rights and sustainability. There is room for change, and I am passionate about exploring this further.
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What’s your accent?

I honestly don’t know. I’d say it’s a slight Austrian base topped with a little too much Kiwi slang, while constantly being reinvented depending on which country I have last been to or which TV show I am currently watching.

What’s your vision?

It’s big, and it’s bold. Or at least that’s what I’d like to think myself :). While I am still working on formulating my thoughts, it involves all things entrepreneurial based on sustainability, fashion, and travel. You can read more about my other goals on here.
Let's Talk

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