Where to Next?

Where to Next?

As I come to the end of my degree, I am constantly asked ‘where to next?’, ‘which company will you be working for?’, ‘so, tell me, what’s the plan?’. As humans, we seek stability. We need a plan. A list. A way to survive until the next milestone. What if there is no such scheme? What if the plan was, in fact, an idea, rather than a set path?

Change is there to be embraced, not feared. There is nothing wrong with blowing all of your money on an adventurous gap year before heading back into the corporate world. What is wrong though is losing that sense of adventure and identity in your everyday life and searching for it in reality TV.

Stability is what allows us to go to sleep at night, but a sense of daring gets us up in the morning. Combine the two, and your idea of the grand ‘plan’ will soon be realised.

‘Where to next?’ is a question with many answers. The magic lies in creating your own. What’s yours?


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  • What a great post! So inspiring and I definitely needed that reminder today. I am planning to travel to Vietnam next year which will be exciting. Love your blog, keep it up!