The Graduate

The Graduate

I am not one to give advice. I believe that the simple act of listening to the voice of others and that of our very own can hold more answers than one was after to begin with. This platform offers me a chance to speak from my heart. That, on the other hand, I know how to do. So, here we go.

The idea of a graduation ceremony seemed daunting. The prospect of defining myself by one sole accomplishment and celebrating something so obviously significant yet seemingly stagnant with the two most important souls in my life both being overseas was slightly unnerving. The list goes on. But, then I realised something else.


First and foremost, celebration needs no excuse whatsoever.

Also, seeing those around me filled with this uniquely strong sense of pride and happiness is priceless. In fact, recognising the often overlooked talents of not only ourselves but those we share our lives with is something we could all use more of.

Finally, acknowledging the end of a journey is a good thing. It invites to imagine the beginning of a new one. And that, my friends, that’s exciting.

Us graduates spent our time studying, analysing and interpreting the stories of others. They say, now we may create our own. I say, we must – in fact – carve our own paths. Doing so in the service of ourselves and in the service of those whose footsteps we traced and those who will, one day, trace ours.

We will create a vision shaped by less dogma, and more originality. We will find what makes our heart skip a beat and we won’t be settling for anything less.

We aren’t young to be wise. But we are young to learn, to experience and to shape the world we find ourselves in. It’s a privilege and an obligation at the same time. In the words of Salman Khan, we will use the gifts we were given.


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