A Travel App I Love – HerePin

Frankly, the release of a new travel app doesn’t excite me anymore. Emails with over-enthusiastic media releases and generic VIP-only app invites are becoming a regular sight in my inbox. A couple of months ago, however, one stood out. The app that caught my eye goes by the name of HerePin. It aims to connect and spark conversation between travellers in the same area. As they reached out a couple of weeks later, I was delighted to start working and create content for HerePin. I have learned plenty since, so here goes:

A community of like-minded people is essential. When on the road, such can be tricky to find. HerePin has helped me out in several occasions [in New Zealand] to join forces with fellow adventurers. To be able to take a friendship from online to the real world is a game changer, especially considering there is no need for tonnes of followers or likes on this particular app. I found a hiking buddy, got photo tips from a local and will soon catch up for coffee with another. We all march to the same beat, which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

Locals know it best. At times, finding that unique angle for the gram can be a challenge. A few messages on HerePin later, I knew where to go and felt genuinely surprised by the helpfulness of the community on the app.

Creativity reigns supreme. As a professional photographer, I am on the constant lookout for inspiration; a word commonly both over- and misused. The advent of advertising on social media has tainted many sources of inspiration in recent years, whereas, on HerePin, simplicity is the key. The absence of pretentiousness and complexity seems to be replaced with genuine insight from every-day travellers.

HerePin, you do me well!

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